i take courage since i was age 14
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Hi am a man 29yr...Am fed up with life...i never have a happy life...know only work in house...just loose job...peoples say suicide is not a solution.everyone will say be courageous....etc but problem will never friends.

Thanks a lots my friends for your encouragmet ..Merci bcou pour m courag...mwa ausi mo cumen zot mo pas envie mo prochain tom Dan 1trou..Mai nu la nu pu fair nu mieux pu aider...zot tou cone suicide pas 1 solution...Mai ena fair li banla ~ bet pu 1simple ti zafair...pu leszot...eski nu met nu dan zot situation zot problem...eski nu rent dan zot problem pu nu cone Ki zot pe p c...Am giving myself one month....
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you are too young to consider suicide as the only solution.  29 years and jobless is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.  Go, move and fight to get another job. show the world that you are much stronger than that.  With great determination and ambition, you will achieve much more than you could have imagined.  

Tell us more about your problems and im sure we could advise you accordingly.
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Thanks to ans what this....father left my mother when i was born...go to school ok never know what is birthday,xmas or new year means gift...went to college form 2 mother get ill must work hard after college time form 4she make operations must stop education to do everything. .....
Hello S.

This is to tell you that God loves you.

Send me a private message brother.

I pray to the Lord that He helps you.

God bless you.
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hi there. i may say that i'm in the same boat as u r. i'm a few years younger but i'm fighting for my life since a few years now. i'm in constant pain n life is not rosy right now. well ,its been a lot of years like that. like u , since i was 16 i've been fighting on. 10 years later i'm making progress in life. take a day at a time and in no time at all you'll get a new job and who knows what else you'll have?stick around, stay alive and you'll c one day you'll think back to this stage of your life and you will say "what an idiot i was". lol. just move one step at a time
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Thanks to ans me...plz read my comments up...i take lots of courage to become at this age :'-(
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ey man... fran courage pa kas tet toi. to pou fini par trouve kitchoz... pena pou stress toi ni force les choses. to em pou trouver arive 1 moment kot tou kitchoz pou vini  automactiment.. mais il est vrai toi oci to bizin met seryer pa baisse le bras...
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Merci kam...pran courage mem Mai ena cou.....
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concentrate on finding another job and look for some other activities. sports? gym? take some fresh air, talk to friends...consider further studies if you can.
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heyy prn courz.....lavie pa fnii laem..foD pa ki t lose hop....kpv astrla p ariv sa dn t jrdii pa dmin tu pu krk..:)))))
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Come on dude! Take your life and courage in your own hand and move on!
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Slt S,

i can see u r depressed this is becoz u r living in the past. let me tell u one more thing stop looking what's wrong about life n look for the beauty of life , i'm damn sure u'll find hundreds e.g u have a shelter while billions of ppl are on the roads,some never had a shelter.

second example you read n write another blessing of god ..stop searching for the moon be happy with simple thing of life & u'll b amazed .

i've long been in your situation my friend but today im so grateful to the lord. if u need more help inbox me!
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Ena journal osi pa blie'...dan mardi to pu gain matinal consacrer pu vacancy mem....en plus job pa gain cumsa bizin donne depen al roD application...ena 1 ta site osi comme,, accenture....
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